Training Courses

Whether you are just beginning in the shooting sports or you are an advanced shooter, we have a course for you. The staff at Spartan Tactical Solutions is world class and has the benefit of years of special operations experience to back them up. No matter your skill level, we can bring your performance to the next level!

ARES Course


The Assess, React, Engage, Survive or ARES course was designed in response to the growing trend of violent protests that are embroiling our nation. Many good citizens are finding themselves swept up in unforeseeable violent actions on the streets of their once quite neighborhoods or favorite evening dining spots in town. Unfortunately, most people do not have the proper training on how to recognize that a situation is about to spin out of control and once they find themselves in that life or death situation, they don’t have the skill set to react properly to the real time developments and either keep their family and friends safe, or if separated, how to reunite with their group. This course go in-depth with actual hand to hand training, and realistic shooting scenarios that give the student the ability to successfully utilize non lethal and if necessary lethal force in order to survive the incident without causing collateral damage to other innocent bystanders, break contact from the event and ultimately reunite with loved ones in order to make a safe return home. 


In the course we will train to recognize that a situation has turned bad and enable us to safely engage threats without compromising our own safety, how to create distance from potential threats before accessing our weapon to avoid having your firearm taken from you and how to prioritize target engagement through identifying most lethal targets, and properly placing your self in the best position to engage threats while simultaneously creating the safest possible outcome for innocents that may be in the area.


Equipment required for the course:


Pistol with 2 extra magazines

Secure holster (concealed or non concealed)

Knee and Elbow pads if desired. (There will be some physical contact during training)

300 rounds of ammunition

Lots of fluids and something for lunch

Eye and Ear protection.



Combat Pistol Course

The combat pistol course is designed for those who have a general knowledge of the proper function and shooting of a pistol and want to bring their skill set up to the next level. Students attending the advanced pistol course should have a firm understanding of the fundamentals of pistol shooting, and be very comfortable with shooting around other people. During the course students will be required to shoot their pistol until empty and perform a slide lock reload while maintaining visual contact with a simulated assailant and reengage after placing the pistol back in to action. Students will learn proper trigger control techniques that allow them to place follow up shots on a target with speed and accuracy. Emphasis will be placed on proper gear set up and how to perform different shooting functions smoothly while maintaining awareness of their surrounding in a threat situation. Advanced techniques taught include one handed loading shooting and reloading, weak hand shooting, and instinctive shooting.

The combat pistol course covers:

Drawing the pistol from a holster

Rapid acquisition of pistol sites in order to quickly engage a target

Advanced trigger control and recoil management techniques

Multiple shot engagement (rapid fire)

Multiple target engagement techniques

Tactical and speed reloads

Clearing a pistol malfunction rapidly

Shooting while moving forward, backward and to the side


Equipment required: Shooters should have a tactical style hip holster for the pistol they will be shooting, and at least two magazine holders for their belt along with a sturdy belt. Hearing protection and eye protection are required.


The Combat Pistol Course is 5-6 hours in length and costs $200

Ammunition required: 400 rounds minimum.


Prerequisites: Attendance in a lower level pistol shooting program or demonstrate proficiency to safely attend the course



Basic AR Course


The basic AR course is for the beginner carbine shooter and covers the history of the AR from its beginnings as a replacement to the US Army's much heavier M14 rifle, to the current family of AR variants that have gained such popularity. We will discuss general characteristics of the rifle and how to properly clean and maintain it. Students will practice the basic fundamentals of combat marksmanship and learn the proper stance to utilize while firing a gas impingement rifle and how to clear malfunctions if they occur. During the course, we will discuss accessories available for the rifle and what benefits each one has as well as going over the capabilities of the AR.


The basic AR course covers:

History of the Armalite carbine from inception to current day profiles

Understanding of the major parts and functioning of the modern

AR-15 variant rifle

Understanding of the proper safety procedures for handling a firearm

How to identify, care for and store the proper ammunition for the rifle

Basic fundamentals of marksmanship

Practical Exercise on a live fire range



Students will need an AR style rifle with magazine, a sling a cleaning kit, and eye and ear protection for the range. 


The Basic AR course is 5-6 hours in length and costs $150.00

Ammunition required: 100 rounds minimum


Prerequisites: None



Advanced AR Course


Our advanced AR course is for the shooter that is already familiar with how the AR style rifle operates and has a fair amount of experience with the rifle. During the course we will focus on advanced techniques like engaging targets from the "low ready", "high ready" and relaxed positions, shooting while moving and utilizing cover during engagements. Students will utilize facing movements from the left, right and rear to rapidly engage targets with speed and accuracy. Advanced target acquisition, trigger control and follow up shots.


Rapidly engage targets at varying distances

Engage targets while moving forward, backward and to the side

Tactical and bolt lock reloads

Advanced gear set up

Immediate action drills to correct malfunctions

Advanced use of optical aids



Equipment required for the course: AR style rifle w/ 4 magazines, sling, optic (preferably red dot), TAC vest, plate carrier or belt worn magazine pouches to accommodate spare magazines, eye and ear protection


The Advanced AR course is 5-6 hours in length and costs $225.00

Ammunition required 500 rounds

Prerequisites: Basic AR course



Advanced Marksmanship Course



The Advanced Marksmanship Course teaches advanced techniques for situations that involve a more advanced skill set then the average every day range training session. During the course students will be put to the test in a rigorous course of fire over a 2 day weekend. Those wishing to attend this course should be proficient in the use of an AR and fairly comfortable shooting a pistol. In general, pistols are the most difficult firearm to master and the techniques taught in this course will help make any shooter familiar with pistol work, even better. Therefore, mastery of the pistol is not needed to attend this particular course. Anyone interested in becoming a better pistol shot is encouraged to

attend this challenging course.

During the Advanced Marksmanship Course students will become familiar with:

Utilizing cover during an engagement

Advanced target selection and engagement techniques

Transition from Primary Weapon System (AR) to a pistol

Tactical and Speed reload from behind cover

Moving from behind cover to engage a target

Low light engagements with an AR and pistol

Advanced weapons retention techniques used in a physical altercation


Equipment required: AR style rifle with sling and 4 magazines, Pistol with 3 magazines and pouches to carry two spare pistol mags. A tac vest or plate carrier that holds at least 3 additional AR mags. Eye and Ear protection. Cargo pants or dump pouch to hold spent magazines.


The Advanced Marksmanship course is 2 days in length and costs $450.00

Ammunition required: 600 rounds of rifle ammunition and 600 rounds of pistol ammunition.

Prerequisites: Students must show an advanced knowledge of rifle and pistol function and operation. This will be assessed at the beginning of the course on day 1.



Colorado Concealed Carry Weapon Course

The Colorado Concealed Carry Weapon course is an 8 hour course

that focuses on the laws surrounding concealed carry in the state of

Colorado and provides participants with an in-depth look in to the

world of concealed carry with respect to types of concealed carry

pistols as well as the different type of holsters utilized. We will spend

a great deal of time educating students on the laws that govern

concealed carry so that you are armed first and foremost with

the knowledge needed to safely carry and, in the worst case scenario,

have to use your CCW pistol. The afternoon will be spent on the range

where attendees will fire their personal weapon.


Attendee’s should bring with them a pistol, unloaded and secured in a weapons case or some other suitable container, minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition, eye protection and ear plugs.

Ladies Only Pistol


The ladies only pistol course is a fun and exciting "guy free" afternoon where you can come out and hone your pistol shooting skills in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We will discuss the basic principles behind how pistols function in order to have an understanding of how to properly shoot them. Then we will work on basic through advanced pistol shooting techniques, working on our stance, grip, trigger squeeze and recoil management. Combined, these drills will have you shooting far better then you ever imagined you could in a much shorter time frame then you thought possible. For those ladies who are already advanced pistol shooters, please see our combat pistol course.


After the shooting is over there will be wine, cheese and crackers available for those who wish to stay around for a bit and chat with the new friends they made and to network a little with fellow women shooters.

Ladies attending the course should bring:

A pistol with at least two magazines

A quality belt mounted holster and a magazine pouch

Ear and Eye protection

Minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition

Water and snacks for a day on the range

Price of the course is $150