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Jason is the owner and chief instructor at Spartan Tactical Solutions. With 25 years of experience as a Special Operations soldier with the U.S. Army, he maintains close contact with the community and remains well placed to be exposed to the latest and best techniques being used on the battlefield with respect to what works best and why. Jason is a graduate of many of the worlds premier tactical shooting courses to include the Special Forces Sniper Course, Special Forces Close Quarters Battle courses, and many other shooting courses, not to mention his time deployed to combat zones during his many years of service. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge and an instruction style full of energy, that makes learning fun and easy.

        Within Spartan Tactical Solutions, Inc. we pride ourselves in offering courses that do not rely on movie-type gimmicks or require our students to purchase thousands of dollars worth of gear to become great shooters. Our instruction teaches individuals to use what they have available to them by concentrating on the basic fundamentals of marksmanship-- and then fine tuning those skills up to the point where the student has the ability to assess their current level of training and identify strengths and weaknesses on their own. By doing so, we empower you to leave our classes with a new-found understanding of how to be a proficient shooter. This leads to more productive range sessions and a much higher rate of survival in the unimaginable instance that you must utilize your skills in a gun fight (knock on wood!).


        Our instruction is compatible with any type of weapon, any gear setup, and any level of skill. We tailor our instruction to each and every individual to give students the best possible training that they can purchase with their hard-earned money. Our instructors are all former or current Special Operations members who provide this training as a service to our community as a "thank you" for the world class training that we have received all thanks to the tax payers of this nation. Our team members have spent a lifetime developing a hard-won skill set and are passionate about passing that knowledge on to those who wish to excel their skill in the art of gun shooting.  We ask only that you show up with an open mind and the desire to have a fun and memorable experience while working with some of the most professional trainers you will ever meet. While the training is not cheap, we assure our clients will get much more than the money's worth from the training they receive. If you are not happy with the training, we WILL make it right. This said, we would like to put emphasis on the fact that you will get the legitimate BANG for your buck! We can't wait to see you at the range,

        Team Members at Spartan Tactical Solutions, Inc.